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This is the archived website of Devon and Cornwall Police Authority. On 22 November 2012 in accordance with the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 the Police Authority was abolished and replaced by a directly elected individual known as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall. If you wish to visit their site, relating to current governance of policing in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly please visit

What We Did

The Devon and Cornwall Police Authority has a duty to "secure the maintenance of an efficent and effective police service" for Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Setting policing priorities

  • The Authority, in partnership with the Force, produces a Local Policing Plan annually and maintains its own strategic plan.

Holds the Chief Constable to account and scrutinises performance

  • Throughout the year the Authority, through Committee meetings and lead Member portfolios, scrutinises the Force's performance against the targets set in the policing plan.

Monitors complaints against the senior officers and the Force's complaints process

  • Complaints against senior officers - the Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable and all Assistant Chief Constables - are dealt with by the Authority, which could also be directly responsible for disciplining these officers.
  • The Authority's role in dealing with complaints against police officers in lower ranks, or members of police staff, is to ensure the Force has in place a robust and efficent system for dealing with those complaints.

Appoints senior police officers

  • The Police Authority is responsible for appointing the Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable and any Assistant Chief Constables.  All police staff are employed by the Police Authority but are appointed by, and under the direct control of, the Chief Constable.
  • The Authority is actively involved with the appointment of senior police staff that operate at the level of Assistant Chief Constable or higher.

Sets the budget for the police

  • The Police Authority has a legal duty to set the police budget.  Central Government indicate the level of funding they will provide through grants.  Any additional money required for the police service can only be raised through the local council tax.
  • The Police Authority sets the level of the police element of the council tax each year.

Operates the Independent Custody Visiting scheme

  • Independent Custody Visiting is the well established system whereby volunteers attend police stations to check on the treatment of detainees and ensure their rights and entitlements are being observed.  It offers protection to the detainees and the police, and reassurance to the wider community.  You can find out more about our scheme under 'community engagement' on this website.

Promote equality and diversity

Devon and Cornwall Police Authority will support the Force to deliver the best possible service across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

This objective can be achieved by monitoring specific Force activities, for example: Implementation and progress of the AA1/2 training provision (the Equality and Diversity assessment tool); The leadership provided to support implementation of the Equality Standard; Progress made with the Diverse Communities Team review and how it incorporates and addresses community feedback; and, Handling of complaints and the implementation of lessons learnt.

B)Ensure that Equality, Diversity and Human Rights considerations are integrated into the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) day to day business

This objective can be achieved by undertaking equality analysis on all relevant and appropriate Transition projects (in line with the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998) to ensure that Equality, Diversity and Human Rights considerations are:integrated into the PCC’s day to day business, such as the commissioning framework, partnership working, community engagement plan and communication strategy; form an integral part of the Police and Crime Plan (which will include the PCC’s Equality Objectives); and, considered in all relevant business by providing Equalities guidance for the PCC and the office of the PCC to ensure awareness of all relevant Equalities and Human Rights legislation.

Community engagement and consultation

One of the key objectives for the Police Authority is to consult widely with local people about the policing of their area.  This helps the Authority set policing targets and provides us with feedback on how you feel the police are delivering their service. 


The Authority had a number of Committees that met to discuss specific areas of the policing service. A PDF structure chart published on the 24/01/2012 shows how these meetings linked together.


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