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This page provides a 'one-stop' to all the data sets that we make publicly available.  This disclosure is in line with the Department for Communities and Local Government Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency and our equality obligations under the Equality Act 2010.  You can see the equality of opportunities information quickly below.

All data is published in both PDF and CSV/RTF formats to ensure it is widely accessible.  The data sets we publish are below.  Links are also provided to Devon and Cornwall Police where their data sets differ.

Expenditure over £500

This includes costs, supplier and transaction information and is published monthly.  Any sole trader or body acting in a business capacity in receipt of payments of at least £500 of public money should expect such payments to be transparent.  These data sets also include grants to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors where they are over £500.  For previous years see our 'what we spend' page.

September 2012 PDF and September 2012 CSV

August 2012 PDF and August 2012 CSV

July 2012 PDF and July 2012 CSV

June 2012 PDF and June 2012 CSV

May 2012 PDF and May 2012 CSV

April 2012 PDF and April 2012 CSV

March 2012 PDF and March 2012 CSV

February 2012 PDF and February 2012 CSV

January 2012 PDF and January 2012 CSV

Member allowances and expenses

The Police Authority is made up of 19 Member posts (18 of which are filled).  Ten of these are elected councillors appointed to the Authority (in addition to their parent authority) and eight are independent community members who have undergone an application process in order to be appointed.  Members allowances and reimbursements is on our What We Spend page.

Workforce information

Organisation chart

This shows the staff structure including salary bands and details of currently vacant posts.

Senior employee details

'Senior employee' is defined by The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011.  The job description, person specification, salary and staffing budget for our senior employees (Chief Executive and Treasurer) are available on the organisation chart above.  Their reimbursements are available below.

The 'pay multiple'

This is the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the Authority's workforce.  The median is the "middle number" (in a sorted list of numbers), calculated annually.  These data sets are awaited.

Contracts and tenders

Although the Police Authority legally 'owns' all the contracts and tenders involving the policing function these are all managed by the Police.  Copies of contracts and tenders to businesses, to the voluntary, commercial and social enterprise can be viewed online.

Public land and building assets

This data set provides details of the public land and buildings owned by the Authority (the Force do not directly own any land/buildings), and key attribute information that is normally recorded on asset registers. 

Cornwall Council and Devon County Council are currently undertaking a project to map all public land and we will provide a link to the results as soon as they are available.

The running of the organisation

Equality of opportunity

The three aims of the public sector Equality Duty, which applies to the police authority as a public body, are:

  • To eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • To advance equality of opportunity
  • To foster good relations

The Police Authority must publish relevant equality information in order to be transparent about and evidence how we have carefully considered the impact these three aims on our decision-making and policy-setting processes.

Collecting and analysing equality information (including from engagement where relevant) is an important way for the police authority to develop an understanding how different people might be affected by our activities, and will assist us to deliver the right policies and services which are accessible to all and meet different people's needs.

The Police Authority is providing and publishing the relevant equality information so that our communities can hold us to account on our performance on equality.

Equality monitoring of the Authority

Every year Members and Officers are asked to complete an anonymous monitoring form.  The results of these are published in a report on our website as an equality monitoring report.

At the end of each recruitment process the Authority runs the completed equal opportunities monitoring forms are analysed and a report is produced to help us monitor the effectiveness and fairness of our policy and processes.

Independent Custody Visiting Scheme

Independent Custody Visitors are members of the local community who visit police stations unannounced to check on the treatment of detainees, the conditions in which they are being held and that their rights and entitlements are being observed.

Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) and screening audits

The Authority is committed to the principles of ensuring that its policies and procedures are fair and transparent.  To assist with this, when new policies are presented for approval they will accompanied by a diversity audit and where appropriate a full equality impact assessment.

Consultation and engagement outcomes

All engagement the Authority is involved with is monitored to ensure equal opportunities.  This is achieved through a short, anonymous questionnaire.  Monitoring information of this kind is important to the Authority as it means:

  • we can see which communities we are speaking to and hearing from.  If a group is being missed we can target them;
  • we can consider the results of the questionnaire relevant to each group.  So if, for example, people over the age of 60 want something very different to people under the age of 25 we can tailor our response appropriately;
  • we can promote awareness of the diverse communities we serve and our commitment to provide them with the best possible service; and
  • we can use it to inform our scrutiny and monitoring of Force activity.

In June 2012 the Authority undertook a specific workshop with members of the Police's Independent Advisory Group with regards their thoughts about future working when the Police and Crime Commissioner would be in post.  You can read the outcomes of that consultation in a report to our Diversity, Equality and Human Rights Working Groupor by accessing our Easy Read version.

Equality Assurance Report

This report provides an overview of the work the Authority has undertaken during 2011 with regards equality, diversity and human rights compliance, which is supported and scrutinised by the Police Authority's Diversity, Equality and Human Rights Working Group.  The report (and appendices) are available in draft format below until approved by the Strategic Planning and Co-ordination Committee on 9 February 2012.

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