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What We Spent on 2010

Allowances and Reimbursements

The Authority has a scheme of allowances and reimbursements which aims to enable people from all walks of life to serve on the Authority. The allowances are intended to recognise the time commitment expected of members to enable them to carry out their duties effectively and take account of the public service element of the role.  For details of the allowances scheme please see Our Consititution and appendix D.


Audit Commission Independent Assessment of Police Use of Resources

The use of resources assessment (PURE)  is undertaken by the Audit Commission as part of their responsibility to examine the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the Authority's use of resources under section 5(1)(e) of the Audit Commission Act 1998

Authority Budget and Spend

As part of our Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme we provide an overview of the Authority’s actual spend in previous years and a budget for the current financial year.  You can see these documents below.

The Authority’s spend for 2009/10 will be available on this site once the accounts have been confirmed.

Statement of Accounts

You have a right to inspect your Police Authority's accounts.  Electors may also ask questions about, or challenge, the accounts.

Treasury Management Strategy

Treasury Management is an important part of the Treasurer’s responsibilities. The Treasurer is required to present a Treasury Management Strategy to Members each year, setting out how investments, borrowing, cash flows and banking arrangements will operate during the year. In addition, police authorities are required to approve an Annual Investment Strategy before the start of the financial year.

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