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Chair's Committee

The committee was made up of the following Members

  • Chair of Police Authority
  • Vice-Chair of Police Authority
  • Chair of Resources Committee
  • Chair of Community Engagement Committee
  • Chair of Human Resources Committee
  • Chair of Performance Management Committee

Meeting Dates

There are currently no published meeting dates for this meeting body, please check the archives for information on older meetings.

Committee Defined in Greater Detail

Terms of Reference

  • To act as an advisory body for the Chairmen of the Authority and of the Authority's Committees.
  • To deal with certain matters as delegated from time to time by the Police Authority

The delegated powers are

  • To take urgent decisions on any matter when time does not allow for it to be considered by either the full Authority or a Committee.
  • To approve the terms and conditions of officers of the Constabulary within the Chief Officer Group and the Chief Executive, Treasurer and Police Authority staff
  • To deal with complaints in relation to officers of the Constabulary in the Chief Officer Group, Members of the Police Authority the Chief Executive and Treasurer.
  • To deal with any appeals lodged by Police Officers under Police Regulations
  • To act as the Sponsoring Group overseeing the Force Development Programme with specific powers to: -
    • approve the programme mandate and any necessary changes
    • approve programme funding
  • To give initial consideration to business cases for projects relating to regional collaboration.
  • To make initial recommendations to the Police Authority on any modifications to the Members allowances scheme
  • To make initial recommendations to the Police Authority on the Special Priority Payments payable each year.
  • To approve the setting up of Task and Finish groups including terms of reference and timescale
  • To approve the setting up of any Standing Working Groups including terms of reference.
  • To take decisions on matters not formally delegated to any Committee.

Any decision taken under the above delegated power will be e-mailed to all members within two working days. If a minimum of 3 Members are not happy with any decision they can, within 5 working days, ask the Chief Executive for the decision to be 'called in'. The Chief Executive will advise all Members of the 'call in' and whether the matter is to be considered by the full Authority or a Committee.

The Police Authority can determine any call in matter referred to it. In relation to call in matters referred to a Committee the Committee will automatically have delegated powers to determine the matter.

The Chairman's Group will act as an advisory group for the Chairmen of the Authority and of the Committees. All members of the Authority will be able to refer any matters to the Group for consideration.

Archive of Committee Papers and Reports




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