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Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee was made up of the following Members: Jo Norton (Chair), Jan Stanhope, John Hart, Jill Owen, Linda Williams (Vice-Chair), Lynda Price, Jayne Zito

Committee Details

  • Number of Members: 7
  • Number of Scheduled Meetings: 2 per year
  • Open to the Press and Public: Yes
  • Decision Making: Yes
  • Lead Officer: Assistant Chief Executive
  • Purpose / Scope: To ensure that the Authority operates in an effective, efficient and ethical manner whilst complying with legal requirements and its Constitution, taking into account recommendations from audits and inspections.

Meeting Dates

There are currently no published meeting dates for this meeting body, please check the archives for information on older meetings.

Committee Defined in Greater Detail

Special Notes:

  • Minute P/1168 Authority 30 June 2006 resolves that
    • the committee size is increased to 7 and
    • that representatives from all groups (councillors, lay justices and independent members) are on the Committee and
    • that the Chairs of the Authority’s Committees, the Authority Chairman and Authority Vice-Chairman should not be eligible to be members of the Committee, (but they would be welcome to attend meetings of the Committee).
  • The Chair of Corporate Governance does not sit on the Strategic Planning and Co-ordination Committee.

Links to Strategic Plan:


  • Improving Public Confidence
  • Ensuring Improved Policing for the Future
  • Listening and Responding to Communities
  • Achieving Value for Money


  • Setting future direction of policing by demonstrating leadership and accountability
  • Effective performance and scrutiny, support and challenge
  • Understanding our communities and working with partners to ensure delivery of continuously improving police services
  • Focussing on Value For Money in reassuring an efficient and effective police service

Terms of Reference and Delegated Powers

Cross-Cutting Issues

  • To ensure, in respect of the Committee’s terms of reference, work and activities that full and proper consideration is given to the implications and / or relevance of matters impacting upon the Authority’s duty to promote equality and diversity.
  • To ensure, in respect of the Authority’s work and activities that full and proper consideration is given to the implications and / or relevance of decisions in respect of Human Rights legislation
  • To have oversight and scrutiny of entries on the Police Authority’s risk register pertaining to the work of the committee and to make recommendations regarding such entries to the Police Authority’s Chief Executive.
  • To scrutinise the performance of the police service on matters relating to topics within the committee’s remit, using information from a variety of sources including local performance indicators, consultation and community engagement findings, audit and inspection reports and benchmarking data.
  • To challenge weak performance and monitor action plans for securing improvements on matters relating to topics within the committee’s remit
  • To ensure, in respect of the Committee’s work, activities and decisions, that full and proper consideration is given to environmental impact and sustainability.
  • To ensure, in respect of the Committee’s work, activities and decisions, that full and proper consideration is given to obtaining and delivering value for money


  • To develop and monitor a Code of Corporate Governance for adoption by the Police Authority, including the purpose and effectiveness of corporate governance, good practice and areas for improvement.
  • To review the effectiveness of internal controls in line with statutory requirements and good practice.
  • To oversee the production of the Annual Governance statement (required for the annual accounts) and to make recommendations regarding its approval.
  • To receive the Force Annual Assurance Statement To agree and monitor internal and external audit plans, receive management letters, fees and work and to monitor the implementation of recommendations of other reviews such as those by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary or the police service which could affect risk, internal control and corporate control.
  • To have oversight of assurance activity, identify any gaps or over assurance and make recommendations about future activity
  • To monitor and review the Authority’s Constitution, with the exception of Financial Regulations and Contract Standing Orders (which are remitted to the Resources Committee) and to recommend changes to the Police Authority when required. To monitor and review the Authority’s Operating Framework and to recommend changes
  • To consider the Authority’s compliance with its legal duties, Constitution and working practices
  • To review the annual statement of accounts, specifically to consider whether or not appropriate accounting policies have been followed and whether there are any concerns arising from the financial statements that need to be brought to the attention of the Authority.
  • To ensure that Chief Executive, Treasurer and Chief Constable exercise their delegated responsibilities in a proper and effective manner
  • To agree the Authority’s anti fraud / corruption policy

Risk Management

  • To consider and approve arrangements for the Authority’s risk management policies, processes and documentation, the corporate risk register, new risks and risk mitigation including insurance.
  • To monitor the effective operation of risk management in the Authority.
  • To satisfy itself as to the adequacy, effectiveness and rigour of the Force’s risk management arrangements

Indemnity and Insurance

  • To agree the Authority’s policy for insurance
  • To keep the authority policy regarding indemnity under review and make recommendations for change to the Authority

Joint Working

To monitor the arrangements, development and performance of collaborative and joint working arrangements and activity.


Responding to consultation documents from outside bodies on matters that fall within the Committee’s remit.

Archive of Committee Papers and Reports


  • Wednesday 19 September 201210:00 hrs Devon & Cornwall Police Authority Endeavour House Woodwater Park Pynes Hill Exeter, EX2 5WH
  • Wednesday 25 April 201210:00 hrsConference Room, Devon and Cornwall Police Authority, Endeavour House, Woodwater Park, Pynes Hill, Exeter, EX2 5WH








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