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Human Resources Committee

Friday 7 October 2005

A meeting of the Human Resources Committee will be held on Friday 7 October 2005 at 14hrs in the Conference Room, Devon and Cornwall Police Authority, Endeavour House, Woodwater Park, Exeter, to consider the items as detailed on the Agenda given below.

Any papers listed as “to follow”, urgent items or supplementary papers will be made available as soon as possible and in any event at least 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.

S G Davey
Chief Executive & Clerk
To The Police Authority

Meeting agenda

Opening Items

  1. Election of Chairman
  2. Election of Vice-Chairman
  3. Apologies for Absence
    To receive apologies for absence from Members unable to attend the meeting.
  4. Declarations of Interests
    To receive any declarations from Members / Officers of personal and / or prejudicial interests in respect of matters for consideration at this meeting, together with the appropriate statement on the nature of any such declared interests.
  5. Minutes (136 KB)
    To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 7 April 2005 as a correct record.
  6. HMIC Training Review Best Practice
    An oral update will be given on the implementation of the HMIC recommendations.
  7. Pool Safety Operating Procedure (282 KB)
    The Property Sub-Committee discussed the Swimming Pool Business Case at their meeting on 20 April 2004 and again on 11 November 2004. At the latter meeting members of the Sub Committee wished for the issue of the Swimming Pool’s Health and Safety to be raised at the Human Resources Committee. This was to ensure that the proper safety measures were in place and to prevent any such disaster that bestowed the Police Swimming Pool in Hendon for the Metropolitan Police Service in 2002 when two members of the public drowned.
    1. Item 7 - Associated documents:Report - Pool Safety Operating Procedure (85KB)
  8. NACRO Evaluation of Restorative Policing Training for Devon and Cornwall Constabulary - Interim Report
    The purpose of the report is to provide sufficient information to committee members on the NACRO evaluation to date. The two appendixes are interim reports, as a final report from NACRO is due in October 2005
    1. Item 8 - Associated documents:
      1. Breifing (159 KB)
      2. Interim Report (82 KB)
      3. Second interim Report ( 157 KB)
  9. General Allocation of Police Officers to Basic Command Units and Departments
    The Committee has requested information on the allocation of Police Officers (Minute HR/20 meeting 07.04.05 refers). The Assistant Chief Constable (Personnel) will give a powerpoint presentation.
  10. Posts that could be Civilianised (73 KB)
    Members have requested to know what posts could be civilivanised throughout the force which would release police officers to perform active roles in the community.
  11. Sickness Absence from Critical Roles (77 KB)
    At the Police Authority meeting on 15 July, Members requested briefing on the policy of long term sickness and the impact of this upon critical policing posts.
  12. HR Improvement Programme
    An oral report regarding the Human Resources Improvement Plan which will include details of the processes undertaken when setting priorities.
  13. Progress Report on the Authority’s Race Equality Scheme (119 KB)
    This report provides an update on the actions taken in connection with the Authority’s Race Equality Scheme.
    1. Item 13 - Associated documents:
      1. Race Equality Scheme Action Plan (256 KB)
  14. Issues Arising from Regulation A20 Reports (102 KB)
    At the meeting of HR Committee to consider an application under Regulation A20 of the Police Pension Regulations held on 19 July 2005 it was requested that a report be presented to the Committee identifying the trends, issues and learning points relating to Regulation A20. This report provides that information.
  15. Closed Session - Consideration to Excluding the Press and Public

    Closed Session:
    Items which may be considered by the Committee with only members of the Police Authority, appropriate Officers and expert advisors present, on the grounds that exempt / confidential information may be disclosed

    Agenda item: 16
    Title: TUPE Considerations
    Relevant Act: Freedom of Information Act
    Relevant section: Section 43 (Commercial Interest)

    Agenda item: 17
    Title: Trades Union Membership
    Relevant Act: Freedom of Information Act
    Relevant section: Section 22 (information intended for future publication)

    Agenda item: 18
    Title: Staff Representation and Consultation Arrangements
    Relevant Act: Freedom of Information Act
    Relevant section: Section 22 (information intended for future publication)
  16. TUPE Considerations
    TUPE is the abbreviation for Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment, and is the employment legislation concerned with the outsourcing of a business or service.
    The Force is continually seeking ways to improve business efficiency including cost control. A result of this is the contractual outsourcing of business services. There is a corresponding rise in the number of services which will pass from on provider to another as a contract is reviewed, while the essential service required by the Force, remains constant. These are classed as second generation TUPE's. The report provides information on a number of TUPE related issues.
  17. Trades Union Membership
    At the HR Committee Meeting on 16 November 2004, a report was presented by Comdr. HR (then C/Supt Steve SMITH) on the European Information and Consultation Directive. Subsequently, further information on trades union membership was requested to be presented to the Committee. This report provides the requested information.
  18. Staff Representation and Consultation Arrangements
    At the HR Committee Meeting on 16 November 2004, a report was presented by Comdr. HR (then C/Supt Steve SMITH) on the European Information and Consultation Directive. Subsequently, Members of the Committee requested further information on;
    1. a) how the number of union members is calculated and
    2. b) the representation and consultation arrangements for PCSOs’ and Special Constables.
    This report provides the requested information.

If you require any further information regarding this meeting please contact: Joy Norris email:

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