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Human Resources Committee Meeting

Thursday 17 March 2011

A meeting of the Human Resources Committee will be held on Thursday 17 March 2011, at 10:30 hrs in Devon & Cornwall Police Authority Endeavour House Woodwater Park Pynes Hill Exeter to which you are requested to attend, to consider the items as detailed on the Agenda given below.

This meeting will be broadcast live on the Internet and recorded for future viewing.

Any papers listed as “to follow”, urgent items or supplementary papers will be made available as soon as possible and in any event at least 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.

S Howl
Chief Executive
Dated: 17 March 2011

Meeting Agenda

  1. Apologies for Absence
    To receive apologies for absence from Members unable to attend the meeting.
  2. Declarations of Interests
    To receive any declarations from Members / Officers of personal and / or prejudicial interests in respect of matters for consideration at this meeting, together with the appropriate statement on the nature of any such declared interests.
  3. Chair’s Announcements
  4. Minutes and actions from the last meeting
    To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th January 2011.
    1. 110119 final minutes.doc
      Size = 79 KB
  5. Force Plan to Achieve Workforce Reductions
    The report gives detail of the financial savings to be made and the current plan to achieve the workforce reductions.
    1. item 5 Plan to achieve workforce reductions.doc
      Size = 46 KB
  6. Funding for Legal Assistance Protocol
    In September 2010 the Human Resource Committee approved a protocol for funding legal assistance for police officers.  This report provides information about the research done regarding making such assistance available to police staff, volunteers and special constables.
    1. item 6 financial assistance legal representation.doc
      Size = 55 KB
  7. Levels of Award and the Criteria Used
    This report provides clarification of the reward mechanisms in use across the Force and links to performance management.
    1. item 7 Levels of award criteria used.doc
      Size = 58 KB
    2. item 7a Appendix 1.doc
      Size = 29 KB
  8. Leadership Directorate Update
    The purpose of this report is to inform the committee on the developments to date of the Force Leadership Directorate and how Leadership supports the transition of the Force.
    1. item 8 Leadership Directorate.doc
      Size = 49 KB
  9. Blueprint HR and F&R Workstream Update
    This report outlines the need to realign HR and Finance along with the organisational reshaping.
    1. item 9 Blueprint HR-FR Workstream.doc
      Size = 48 KB
  10. Human Resources - Performance Indicators
    The report provides an analysis and commentary on the latest HR performance indicators and key people management data
    1. item 10 HR Performance Indicators.doc
      Size = 42 KB
    2. item 10a HR KPI report - Appendix 1.xls
      Size = 39 KB
  11. Director of Human Resources Update Report
    The Director of Human Resources will provide an update on important items that have arisen since the Committee papers were prepared.
    1. item 11 HR Director update report 17 3 11.doc
      Size = 42 KB
  12. HR Advisor to the Authority Update Report
    This oral report will provide an update on items that have arisen since the committee papers were prepared.
  13. Briefing notes
    To include an update on the vacant Neighbourhood Beat Manager post in Exeter.
    1. item 13 NBM Vacancy Exeter briefing paper.doc
      Size = 38 KB
  14. Consideration to Exclude the Press and Public
    Closed Items (Items which may be considered by the Committee with only members of the Police Authority, appropriate Officers and expert advisors present, on the grounds that exempt / confidential information may be disclosed)
  15. Career Progression and Promotion Opportunities
    The report provides details of the staff survey results in respect of career progression and opportunities for promotion and the Force response to address the findings. Report to follow

Closed Agenda Items

Recommended that the Agenda items detailed in the table
below be considered as closed items
Agenda item No Report Title Relevant Act Relevant section
15 Career Progression and Promotional Opportunities Local Government Act 1972 as amended by the Local Government (access to information) Act 1985
Schedule 12A, paragraph 4.  Information relating to any consultations or negotiations, or contemplated consultations or negotiations, in connection with any labour relations matter arising between the authority or a Minister of the Crown and employees of, or office holders under, the authority.
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