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Community Engagement / Planning and Consultation Committee

Wednesday 1 February 2006

A meeting of the Planning and Consultation Committee to which you are requested to attend will be held on Wednesday 1 February2006 at 10.00am in the Conference Room, Devonand Cornwall Police Authority, Endeavour House, Woodwater Park, Exeter, to consider the items as detailed on the Agenda given below.

Any papers listed as “to follow”, urgent items or supplementary paperswill be made available as soon as possible and in any event at least 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.

S G Davey
Chief Executive & Clerk
To The Police Authority

Meeting Agenda

Opening Items

  1. Apologies for Absence
    To receive apologies for absence from Members unable to attend the meeting.
  2. Declarations of Interests
    To receive any declarations from Members / Officers of personal and / or prejudicial interests in respect of matters for consideration at this meeting, together with the appropriate statement on the nature of any such declared interests.
  3. Minutes
    To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 15 November 2005 as a correct record.
  4. Objectives for the Planning and Consultation Committee
    A report (copy to follow) to clarify the objectives for the Committee for this year.
  5. Raising the Profile of Neighbourhood Policing
    A presentation and report on the activity of the Force to support the promotion of neighbourhood policing.
  6. Police Authority Profile within the Force
    A report indicating the steps being taken to raise the profile of the Police Authority within the Constabulary.
  7. Evaluation of Community Engagement with minority communities in Devon and Cornwall
    This report (copy to follow) updates the Committee on the progress of the independent review into engagement with minority communities.
  8. Production of the Police Authority Annual Policing Plan 2006/07, Strategic Plan 2006/09 and Local Policing Summary
    This report is to provide an update to Members on the production and publication of the Police Authority Annual and Strategic Plans and the new requirement for a Local Policing Summary.
  9. October 2005 Public Survey
    The purpose of this report is to highlight the main results obtained from the October 2005 Public Survey.
  10. Policing Boards
    A report proposing the approach to be taken by the Police Authority to trial a policing board in Devon.

If you require any further information regarding this meeting please contact Richard Martin tel: 01392 268313 or email

Next meeting: Wednesday 5 April 2006 at 10.00am in the Conference Room at the Police Authority Offices, Exeter.

Members of the Planning and Consultation Committee:
M Bull, C Bulley, I Doggett, G Hicks, M Hicks, A Malcolm, S Malloni, M Nevitt and W Thomas

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