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Performance Management Committee

The Performance Management Committee is made up of the following Members

  • Mike Bull
  • Lynne Dunn (Chair)
  • Mike Hicks
  • Jo Norton
  • Jill Owen
  • Jan Stanhope (Vice-Chair)
  • Linda Williams
  • Jayne Zito

Terms of Reference

  • On behalf of the Police Authority set the rolling 3yr performance plan with annual milestones for inclusion in the Policing Plan, following consultation with the Force.
  • On behalf of the Police Authority hold the Chief Constable, or his appointed representative, to account for any area of Force performance
  • To call for a report on any areas requiring improvement action when necessary in areas of under-performance and to monitor delivery against appropriate action plan.
  • Report to the appropriate Police Authority Committee and/or full Police Authority with issues arising from the outcome of the scrutiny process.
  • To commission work on a Task and Finish basis following prior approval of the Chair's Group and the Chief Executive.

Archive of Committee Papers and Reports for the meetings of:

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