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Resources Committee

Tuesday 8 February 2005

A meeting of the Resources Committee will be held on Tuesday 8 February 2005 at 10.30am in the Conference Room, Endeavour House, Woodwater Park, Exeter to consider the items as detailed on the Agenda given below.

Any papers listed as 'to follow', urgent items or supplementary papers will be made available as soon as possible, and in any event at least 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.

S G Davey
Chief Executive & Clerk
To The Police Authority

Meeting Agenda

Opening Items

  1. Apologies
    To receive apologies for absence from Members unable to attend the meeting.2.
  2. Declarations of Interests
    To receive any declarations from Members / Officers of personal and / or prejudicial interest in respect of matters for consideration at this meeting, together with the appropriate statement on the nature of any such declared interests.
  3. Resources Committee Minutes
    To note the minutes of the Resources Committee meeting held on 26 October (95 Kb) and 23 December (69 Kb) 2004.
  4. Property Sub-Committee Minutes (117 Kb)
    To note the minutes of the Property Sub-Committee meeting on 10 November 2004. Members are asked to consider the recommendation at minute [PS/180].
  5. Plymouth City Airport (PCA) (85 Kb)
    This report outlines the current use of PCA by the Force helicopter, restrictions inhibiting extended operations and the potential need for identification of an alternative suitable operating site to serve Plymouth and Cornwall and Isles of Scilly BCUs.
  6. Financial Monitoring Report 2004-05 (98 Kb)
    The financial position based on the spend profile.
    1. Financial Monitoring 2004-05 Appendixes (97 Kb)
  7. Provision Of New Police Station For Holsworthy (96 Kb)
    Seeks approval for the purchase of a new police station at Holsworthy.
  8. Business Benefit Realisation (116 Kb)
    Describes the methods whereby Business Benefits can be delivered by Business Process Re-engineering or the implementation of new projects or initiatives to the Force.
  9. Treasury Management update
    This updates Members on performance against the Treasury Management Strategy 2004-05.
    RECOMMENDATION that progress against the Treasury Management Strategy be noted.
    Electronic report not available
  10. Operational Estates Strategy (745 Kb)
    Members are asked to consider approval of the Operational Estates Strategy.
    Closed Session:
  11. Business Case For Air Operations Building
    The report outlines the requirement for a new building for the Air Operations Unit at Middlemoor.
  12. Managed Services Contract for ICT Services
    This paper provides an update on the progress to put in place a new Managed Services Contract to deliver ICT services to the Force.

If you require any further information regarding this meeting please contact Eleanor Tanner.

Committee Members – T Evans, B Greenslade, D Money, M Nevitt, J Owen, C Ryan, J Smith, A Talbot, W Thomas.

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