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Standards Committee Agenda

Friday 26 February 2010

A special meeting of the Standards Committee will be held on Friday 26 February 2010 at 10:00hrs in the Conference Room, at the Police Authority Offices, Endeavour House, Woodwater Park, Exeter, to consider the items as detailed on the Agenda given below.

Any papers listed as "to follow", urgent items or supplementary papers will be made available as soon as possible and in any event at least 30 minutes before the start of the meeting.

S Howl
Acting Chief Executive
17 February 2010

Meeting agenda

  1. Chairman's Announcements
  2. Apologies for Absence
    To receive apologies for absence from Members unable to attend the meeting.
  3. Declarations of Interests
    To receive any declarations from Members / Officers of personal and / or prejudicial interests in respect of matters for consideration at this meeting, together with the appropriate statement on the nature of any such declared interests.
  4. Minutes
    To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11 November 2009 as a correct record.
  5. Joint Working with other Standards Committees
    Standards for England have now advised (Bulletin 46 December 2009) that a Police Authority may form a joint committee with other police authorities. In line with that guidance and previous discussions at this Standards Committee, the Assistant Chief Executive is working with Dorset Police Authority to establish which police authorities in the region are interested in joint working and at what level. An oral update will be given the information that has been ascertained and the proposed action plan.
  6. Standards Board Annual Assembly 2010
    The official details of the 2010 Annual Assembly are likely to be sent to the Authority in March. A trawl of the Standards for England website suggests that the event will be held in Birmingham over 2 days and the cost will be approx ?400 per delegate for 2 days and approx ?230 for one day. The Committee is asked to consider who should be nominated to attend.
  7. Assessment of Standards of Conduct within the Authority
    One of the roles of the Standards Committee is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by members of the Authority. The Committee is invited to discuss ways that standards of behaviour could be monitored and assessed in order to inform future Committee activity.
  8. Standards Committee Best Practice / Compliance Check list
    A compliance checklist for the Standards Committee has been compiled based upon an Audit Commission diagnostic tool. The checklist has been updated and is presented to the Committee for information.
  9. Standards for England Publications
    The following documents have been published since the last meeting of the Committee and are listed for the Committee's information:
    1. The Bulletin - No 46 ( circulated to all Members of the Authority)
    2. Standards for England Online Guides:
      1. Freemasons and the Code of Conduct
      2. Disclosing Confidential Information
      3. Gifts and Hospitality
      4. Independent members (of Standards Committees)
      5. Personal and prejudicial Interests
      6. Lobbying

Members of the Standards Committee: Sir Simon Day, Mr M Harvey, Mr B Jenkin, Mrs A Mayes, Mr D Money,?Mrs V Pengelly,

If you require any further information regarding this meeting please contact: Joy Norris email

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