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Strategic Planning and Co-Ordination Committee

Committee Details

  • Number of Members: 6
  • Number of Scheduled Meetings: 8 per year
  • Open to the Press and Public: Yes
  • Decision Making: Yes
  • Lead Officer: Chief Executive
  • Purpose / Scope: To provide strategic direction to the Authority and provide oversight and co-ordination on progress of the full range of Authority business.

Meeting Dates

There are currently no published meeting dates for this meeting body, please check the archives for informtation on older meetings.

Previous Meeting Dates - please see below

Committee Defined in Greater Detail

Special Notes:

Links to Strategic Plan:


  • Improving Public Confidence
  • Ensuring Improved Policing for the Future
  • Listening and Responding to Communities
  • Achieving Value for Money


  • Setting future direction of policing by demonstrating leadership and accountability

Terms of Reference and Delegated Powers

Cross-Cutting Issues

  • To drive the work and activities of the Authority regarding the Authority’s duty to promote equality and diversity.
  • To drive the work and activities of the Authority regarding Human Rights legislation
  • To develop environmental policy and strategy to ensure a sustainable future for the Authority and the Force and monitor its effectiveness.
  • To lead the ongoing development of effective performance management for the Authority
  • To have oversight and scrutiny of entries on the Police Authority’s risk register pertaining to the work of the committee and to make recommendations regarding such entries to the Police Authority’s Chief Executive.
  • To ensure, in respect of the Committee’s work, activities and decisions, that full and proper consideration is given to obtaining and delivering value for money.

Strategic Co-ordination and Oversight

  • To prepare and review the Authority’s Strategic Plan and monitor delivery progress and outcomes
  • To ensure that the Authority’s mission, strategic plan and objectives reflect community priorities
  • To develop strategies to ensure that the skills and expertise of all Members are developed and utilised fully To develop strategies to ensure that the Authority has a constructive but challenging relationship with the Chief Constable and Chief Officer Team
  • To ensure active engagement in networks and organisations at a local, regional and national level to promote knowledge, share best practice and foster the culture of continuous improvement
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the police service involvement and the implementation of work relating to equality, diversity and human rights.
  • To monitor compliance with health and safety legislation and promotion of good health and safety practice
  • To consider and approve the terms of reference, including time lines for task and finish groups
  • To instigate working groups related to cross cutting themes and drive and monitor their activities and outcomes. To have oversight of police service business improvement projects, providing constructive challenge and support and monitoring progress, delivery and outcomes always ensuring that such projects are contributing positively to the vision and policing plan

Urgent Decisions

In cases where a decision is needed to determine or otherwise deal with any of the functions or the police Authority when these are not appropriate to be dealt with by any other committee or by an Officer or Member acting under delegated powers. Such determinations or actions must be taken in accordance with procedures detailed in the Authority’s Procedure Rules and reported to the next full meeting of the Authority.

Archive of Committee Papers and Reports


Strategic Planning and Co-Ordination Committee Meetings


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